If homophobia were a conversation about food...

  • Homophobic Person: My favorite food is pizza!
  • Homosexual Person: Cool! My favorite food is pasta!
  • Bisexual Person: I like both!
  • Pansexual Person: Hey guys, I don't have a favorite! I'll pretty much eat what tastes good to me.
  • Asexual Person: I like the way food looks and smells more than the way it tastes.
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Red is so relatable. Fuck.

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this person probably has to study for finals

I too can switch the before and afters of my photos… wanna see my summer eating… err…i mean workout transformation? 

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Waterfall amidst a mountain covered in ash after a volcano eruption. 
Taken in Iceland. 
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Waterfall amidst a mountain covered in ash after a volcano eruption. 

Taken in Iceland. 

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I’m sssoooo mother fucking annoyed.

I am so confused on my life right now. I’m trying to go with the flow but it’s a struggle. I wish someone would just make all of my decisions for me so I didn’t have to over think everything so much

June 6, 2013

Life lately has been okay. I went to my hair dresser a couple of weeks ago and my hair is falling out pretty bad..like she was concerned. My hair has always been super thick and wavy, so naturally I would have hair that would come off when I showered and brushed my hair. But lately it’s been falling off a lot more and my hair is no longer wavy, it literally looks like I straightened it two days ago. Also it’s like hella thin….and it causes me stress, which is the reason why my hair was falling out to begin with. Also, I had my visit with the softball coach at Olivet College and let’s just say he doesn’t particularly want me on the team. It made me feel really discouraged. He said my offense was amazing but my defense wasn’t good enough. Personally, I have to disagree 100% with him. Yes, my offense is amazing, but so is my defense. He only watched me play third base and before this year, I haven’t played there in FIVE years! I’m surprised I was able to actually do it. In my opinion, he can suck it! Hopefully I’ll have a school that sees the talent that I have and they’ll want me to play for them. On a positive note, I graduated from the college I was going to with my Associate’s degree! And I’ve lost 28.6 pounds from the heaviest I’ve ever been…I mean I’m a little upset because that’s less than 30 pounds and I’ve been trying to lose weight for 7 months now….I was hoping to at least be in the 100s by now…I’ll just get my shit together and work my ass off every day and hopefully that makes things better. Oh and things with me and my boyfriend are going very good right now (knock on wood). He started a new job today and he’s been working for 13 hours now and he has at least 2 more hours. He seems to be happy and I’m really happy for him. Also, he’s trying to get signed up for college classes and I couldn’t be prouder of him! I think his life is starting to head in the direction that he wants it to and I couldn’t be happier for him! Even if things don’t work out in the end with me and him I want him to be happy and successful in everything that he does. But that’s all I have for now. I have to be at my aunt’s house tomorrow at 6:30am because we’re going to Birthday Bash. So I should probably shower and do my hair then go to bed.

One day you lose something, and you say: ‘Oh my God. I was happy. And I didn’t even know it.’

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It’s like you only care when it’s convenient for you..